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06Jul 2010

Newscycle Colour Themes

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The Newscycle template comes with flexible theming options that will help you to tune the feel that you need for your website. Choose form three different colour layers (4 background colours, 10 hilites and 10 bottom colours) and create your very own colour combination.

The colour scheme css files can be found in the templates/newscycle/css/hilite folder and are very easy to edit in order to create your own colour palette.


1. Select your background colour.


2. Select your colour highlight.


3. Select your bottom colour.


Click on the images below to see larger screenshots of the Newscycle template.



Newscycle 10.jpg

Newscycle 10

Newscycle 11.jpg

Newscycle 11

Newscycle 12.jpg

Newscycle 12

Newscycle 13.jpg

Newscycle 13

Newscycle 14.jpg

Newscycle 14

Newscycle 15.jpg

Newscycle 15

Newscycle 16.jpg

Newscycle 16

Newscycle 17.jpg

Newscycle 17

Newscycle 18.jpg

Newscycle 18

Newscycle 19.jpg

Newscycle 19

Newscycle 2.jpg

Newscycle 2

Newscycle 20.jpg

Newscycle 20

Newscycle 21.jpg

Newscycle 21

Newscycle 3.jpg

Newscycle 3

Newscycle 4.jpg

Newscycle 4

Newscycle 5.jpg

Newscycle 5

Newscycle 6.jpg

Newscycle 6

Newscycle 7.jpg

Newscycle 7

Newscycle 8.jpg

Newscycle 8

Newscycle 9.jpg

Newscycle 9



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