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06Jul 2010

Hidden Panel Styling

Written by Administrator 

hiddenpanelThe hidden panel is a core feature of the Zen grid framework. The panel is enabled when ever you have any module published to the  panel1, panel2, panel3 or panel4  module positions.

The text used in the trigger is set via the template settings and you can control the behavior of the panel in terms of the speed and the type of transition that occurs when the button is clicked.

 This template comes with  some specific styling that occurs when there are two modules published to either of the panel module positions.


two modules published to the panel1 and panel4 positions.

The screenshot below shows you the style of a hidden panel if there are exactly 2 modules published to  any of the panel positions.




One, Three or four modules

If there are any other combination of modules published then the hidden panel will just be a solid color which is determined via the highlight that you have selected by the template administrator.


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