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07Jul 2010

Controlling the top banner

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You have probably noticed already that the Newscycle  template has a floating navigation bar that sits on top of the slideshow or any other module published to the banner position. This is an effective way to add some dynamic texture to the navigation area and there are a few methods that you can use to achieve this.

The banner position has a negative margin attached to it which allows it to sit gracefully underneath the navigation area. The margin pushes the banner position up 115px which locks it directly underneath the solid colour at the top of the template. Any module published to the banner position will sit underneath the navigation area and it is advised to avoid publishing text here or at least text in the first 115px of any module that is published to the position.

There are three main ways to use this position effectively in this template.

1. Publish a slideshow to the banner position.

This is the position we have published the JB Slideshow module on the front page of this demo. You can see the settings we have used on the document that relates to setting up the front page.

2. Publish a custom html module / or other Joomla to the banner position.

This is the technique we have used on some of the sub pages of the demo. The technique basically involves creating a custom html module and inserting an image of the relevant size. The module is displayed on certain pages dependant upon it's menu assignment. The demo site uses an image that is 920px wide and 250px tall.

3. Allow the template to publish an image to this area if no modules are published to the banner area.

 The Newscycle template gives the user to option to publish an image to the banner area if there are no other modules published to the position. This can come in handy if you want to publish a single static image to the banner area without setting it up in a custom html module.

If a module is published to the position then the static image is not inserted. 

You can see on the screenshot below how this is controlled in the template parameters.


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